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Hey, I'm Alex and I aim to tell interesting and compelling stories with art, that being with storyboards, a character design or even an illustration.I am currently in the third year of my entertainment design course, residing in Australia. I am fluent in English and in Greek.
On the side, I also do commissions of character illustrations.
My main passion is characters and their stories and how these aspects of characters can be conveyed through visual art forms.


Some artworks may contain artistic nudity. Viewer discretion is advised.


Character Design

The E.V.R. Deity Project

Also, discretion for all the players in my Dungeons and Dragons group, DONT LOOK AT THIS. It contains spoilers for both my campaign and my player characters.

The E.V.R. Deity Project

The E.V.R. Deity Project is my main assignment for this year of university. Bellow you can expect to see 8 Cosmic Horror-esque Deity Character Designs, along with their head priests, for my Dungeons and Dragons Campaign, called E.V.R. (hence the name of the project).










Baz 's Entrance/ "Open Sesame" Scene - Carry On

The Heist of the Magenta Autase - E.V.R.


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Work in Progress


Deity of Creation, Balance, Unity and Chaos

"A very powerful deity that has no worshipers. There seems to be no mythologies or history recorded
regarding this deity, only their downfall."

Enosoi is a trans-dimensional deity who creates universes just to eventually destroy them when they aren’t valuable to them no longer. Like each universe is a toy they got bored with or a failed experiment. As other deities saw their reckless and power-hungry behaviour, they decided to put an end to this chaotic deity. Scheme after scheme, blow after blow, the rest of the pantheon defeated the deity. The pantheon decided for Enosoi to be buried in a different plane of existence, the realm of nothingness, and be set on an infinite slumber that they shall endure for the rest of eternity.However, in their rage, as Enosoi tried to claw out of desperation, they dragged the other deities down with them. They half succeeded. The other deities remained awake but were now stuck on a different plane of existence, the realm of Dreams, where they couldn’t directly interact with their wonderful creations. Despite the lack of power, they now possessed, the deities tried hiding all information on Enosoi, they succeeded for the most part, only hints of that deity remaining.Many to this day have talked and interacted with the deities, even created them murals and churches in their honour. However, for their unknowable and unspeakable acts, the one deity that shall not be worshipped or named was the Deity of Creation, Balance, Unity, and Chaos.As the deity was buried in the deepest depths of the known dimensions, the core of all their power, the crystal sitting in their form, was shattered into ten pieces, and spread across the continent. Either for good or for bad, those who miraculously find about their existence are divinely driven to collect them.There are two options once the crystals are collected.Option 1: When they are assembled, the ability to shatter the crystal into mere atoms is presented to them. This can only be done with the Sword of the Imperishable which was divinely gifted by Enosoi when they still roamed the earth. Therefore, ending the immature and selfish cycle of creation and destruction that Enosoi represents.Option 2: On the other hand, when they are assembled, the holder will have the option to summon them to the material realm. This can be done if the deity’s name is known to the summoner. The name can only be told by Enosoi themselves, which is a difficult task to achieve. Once summoned, Enosoi will finally have the power to end this universe and move on to the next.